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Research Inverted Microscope IX83/IX73/IX53

Research Inverted System Microscope IX83 / IX73 / IX53

The new IX3 is a highly expandable platform for live cell imaging designed with the scientist's workflow in mind.

Built on a robust foundation and able to grow as your needs evolve, the IX3 features flexible construction with an easy-access light-path and offers high-definition widefield imaging with minimal loss of light.
Equipped with a camera, the IX3 provides fast user-friendly, high resolution digital imaging with high reproducibility.

List of compatible PC for IX83/IX73

IX83: Two-deck System


IX83: One-deck System

IX83: Two-deck System   IX83: One-deck System

Enables high-speed, fully automated device selection during live cell research including time-lapse imaging. Two decks offer maximum expandability.


An intelligent, motorized microscope that can be equipped with the IX3-ZDC to create a new standard for live cell imaging


IX73: Two-deck System


IX73: One-deck System

IX73: Two-deck System   IX73: One-deck System

The mother machine for live cell research, the IX73 Two-deck system combines with a coded or motorized unit to realize a semi-motorized system microscope with modular expandability.


A microscope designed with emphasis on working efficiency for documentation, routine testing, and other tasks.


IX53: One-deck System

    IX53: One-deck System

An outstanding microscope delivering cost efficiency for brightfield and fluorescence applications.

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